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Course Summary

If I told you there was a way to Guarantee Your Facebook Content Gets Seen By The Right People, would your ears perk up?

If you want to get your Facebook business page content seen by more people – the right people, then this workshop is for you!
It is called Facebook Boosts – The Bootcamp!

Our workshops offer step-by-step instruction and the ability to learn at your own pace… from any device… at your convenience.
Our courses are offered in bite-sized chunks… Allowing you to implement what you have learned.

In this Bootcamp, we will discuss the difference between boosted posts and ads, the benefits of Facebook boosts,
how to target your audience, how to determine your objective, your budget, your time frame and more.
We will then walk you step-by-step through boosting a post.

Businesses worldwide experience more traffic and an increase in sales by using Facebook boosts.
When executed correctly, a successful boost can make a positive impact quickly for your business.

Give your business a boost today by enrolling in this Bootcamp.

Course Curriculum

Kristina Stubblefield

Kristina launched her career as an advertising and marketing consultant in 2007 when she had the opportunity to be part of a startup - Southern Indiana Living Magazine. From the original design and layout, building of business relationships for advertising and printing, graphic and website design as well as development and maintenance; the tremendous industry knowledge and skillset she developed afforded her a wonderful opportunity to work with the local community. Her experiences during this time period are what facilitated Kristina’s realization that she loved LOCAL and she relished helping small businesses with their marketing efforts.

Add this knowledge to her previous involvement in IT, graphic design and marketing and you end up with the perfect mix to create an online marketing GURU. Kristina ran with this passion and she and her husband Josh opened So In Media Group. Their business, located in the heart of downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana, offers strategic online marketing and advertising services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. From website design, video services, social media marketing, app development, consulting, marketing classes and more; So In Media Group offers a comprehensive list of services to help businesses during the varied stages of growth. From startups wanting to get the word out to established companies looking to expand their markets, Kristina and the So In Media Group team strive to get any business owner back to doing what they do best – running their business!

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